Like squirrels, bats also have a tendency to take up residence in the attic. Bats require a high place to roost, and sometimes an attic is very appealing to them. Bats are typically not aggressive, but it is important to keep in mind that they are common carriers of rabies. Therefore, removing them from one’s home is very important.

Furthermore, bats can leave droppings in attics, which can create a mess. However, they also are some of the most important animals to the ecosystem. In fact, they help to lower the numbers of biting insects, which can be quite a nuisance during the summertime. Therefore, it of the utmost importance to never harm the bats.


One of the best ways to deal with a bat problem humanely is to prevent their entry. Check the attic for areas that bats could potentially be getting in. Once you find a possible entry point, immediately seal it up. However, it is important to examine your attic closely. Bats can enter through very small openings in the attic.

Furthermore, there are devices that are designed to repel bats. These devices emit a sound that is of a very high frequency. The high frequency sound cannot be detected by people. However, the bats are able to hear this sound, and it will often annoy the bats into leaving your home.