bear In some cases, a larger animal may make it’s way into one’s property. In most cases, they are after garbage. Therefore, one way to prevent or solve the situation can sometimes be to strap garbage cans closed with a bungee cord, if the can(s) are outdoors. If it possible, it is ideal to bring garbage cans into the house or garage. When trash cans are not accessible to wild animals, they will often leave.

However, there are also cases where it is important to call animal control right away. For instance, if an animal is behaving strangely, it is crucial to call animal control immediately. Furthermore, if a larger wild animal is residing in one’s yard, one’s crawl space, in the attic, basement, or anywhere else in one’s home, immediately call animal control. They will be able to humanely remove the animal from your home. Never attempt to remove larger wildlife yourself, as they can become extremely aggressive. Furthermore, there can be a rabies risk, if you are bitten by many types of wildlife.