Can You Consider Cuisine A form Of Art

Is food art? That is a question that some may think is easy to answer and others not so much.

Those with a passion for food are going to scream that yes! Cuisine is an art form. What do you think?

This may be something to think about next time you’re browsing for your next meal out. You may also consider this question when you next use food delivery companies, because if any food is art, then a case can be made to say all food is art.

Why Food Is A different Art

Food is not like any other art form. A painting pleases the eye, music the ears, but food is different.

Food excites much more than one sense. The sight, taste, smell and texture all combine to create the whole.

Often the act of eating is ritualised in the restaurant, or even in the home. Even, some may say the simplest of fast food is a ritual.

That’s why food is a different art form to all of the others. We treat food differently and we interact with food on a level that we just don’t with other forms of art.

Sure, the gallery experience is immersive, just as the concert hall is, but at the end of the day you rarely touch and taste the art you view or listen to.

Visual Experience

Food is a very visual medium as an art form. The food acts as the artist’s oils, and the plate as the frame. One could even say that the restaurant is the gallery in which the food is enjoyed.

And again, the food on the plate follows the same rules as a painting.


The composition is analogous to the placement of the food on the plate. There needs to be balance and there needs to be a co-operation between all of the different elements that make up the meal.


Once again, the painting analogy works, as food initially becomes appealing to us when we see something that catches our eye. We need to find a range of colors that excite us, that work together well. Just as sweets are brightly colored for children, a plate of food in a restaurant has to have colors that appeal to our mind’s palette.


Once these basic artistic forms have been combined, then the first part of the artistry of food has been successfully created.

The next comes as we smell and taste the food, and we begin to interact with the food on a much more visceral level. Now everything becomes far more real as we begin to experience the artistry itself by delving into a completely different dimension contained within.

Food Is Art

Food is most certainly art, and it combines all the elements of many different artistic disciplines in a unique way that no other art form does.

So next time you go to a restaurant, try to look at your food in a different way.