If you live in the Denver, Colorado area, it is important to be aware of how to deal with problematic wildlife and ask for help from squirrel removal denver companies.. There are different types of wildlife in the region that can enter homes and yards. In some cases, they can be destructive to property. Furthermore, some types of wildlife can even be dangerous to human health. However, all wild animals are important for the ecosystem. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure the animals are not harmed, if they need to be removed from your home or yard. Luckily, there are ways to remove problematic wildlife, without harming them in any way.


Squirrels are common in the Denver, Colorado area. While squirrels are not dangerous, they can potentially be destructive in yards. In some cases, squirrels can be damaging to gardens. Furthermore, squirrels have been known to enter houses. The attic is the most common point of entry for squirrels, but in some cases, squirrels can make their way into living quarters. If a squirrel does get into the home, serious damage can occur. Even if a squirrel remains in the attic, it can be quite destructive to property.

Luckily, there are traps that can be purchased to remove squirrels. These traps are a great option for humane squirrel control. It is possible to order these traps online. One example of a great company to buy these traps from is Havahart. It is possible to purchase the traps through the Havahart website, and have the traps shipped to your home. Once the squirrel is trapped, you can take it a distance from the house. Once released, the squirrel is able to return to the ecosystem, and it can continue to serve important functions in the environment.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to trim any trees that are near the attic. This can remove the entry points for the squirrels. If they do not have an easy way to get into the attic, they will often stay away.


Another common pest in the Denver, Colorado area are mice. A mouse infestation is a very common problem, but it is possible to humanely eradicate mice. There are no kill traps that you can purchase for mice. When you trap them, it is possible to take them a distance from your home. Furthermore, there are non-toxic mouse repellents that you can purchase. These repellents can help to prevent mice from entering the home. One example of a non-toxic mouse repellent is peppermint oil.

Furthermore, rats can also infest homes in the Denver area. This is especially common in urban regions. While rats are larger than mice, they are closely related to them. This means that many of the same measures for humane mouse removal can also work quite well for humane rat removal. Of course, rats require larger no kill traps that are designed specifically for them. However, peppermint oil is also a very effective repellent for rats.